If you take a closer look at our Logo, one would see five names. It reads much like a dog's tag, "I Belong to Margaret, Megan, Lynn Marie, Lilly and Rosa". These are very important little girls in my life, my goddaugther, my two niece's and lastly my girl friends two niece's. As part of my business goals each time a "Doggy-Bag" is sold $.001 of a cent is set aside for each of these girls for their educational pursiuts later in their lives. Granted $.001 is not a lot of money so for any one of them to aquire a substantial amount I must sell a lot of "Doggy-Bags"! This is where you the customer comes in. Yes you could buy "Doggy-Bags" from Petsmart, Petco, Fourpaws, Pet Supplies Plus or Petland. Purchase the "Doggy-Bag" and support my effort to provide the means for the future educational pursuits of these young ladies!

Another good reason to buy "Doggy-Bags"is to assist me in maintaining strong community ties.

You might have noticed on our Home Page, the referance to Chicago-Read Mental Health Center's, Central Workshop.

Our "Kits" are assembled by the patients of the Chicago-Read Mental Health Center's Central Workshop! This enables them to earn an income and engage in an activity that teaches them marketable job skills. Help me support this worthy cause.

As well as these two reasons you may investigate further "Doggy-Bags'" involvement with other Not for Profit or Non Profit agencies by clicking the highlighted link to view other affiliations that "Doggy-Bag" supports.

Lastly, you can visit our Testimonial page and see what our customers have to say about our product and customer service!

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