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The “Doggy-Bag” is a gussetted (expandable) Poly bag measuring approximately 10.0” X 10.0” X .00125 mil thick, is constructed from Low Density Polyethylene. LDPE offers superior tensile strength, clarity , flexibility and water barrier properties. These characteristics along with its simple operation offer a safe and effective alternative for dog owners at a very low cost. Use of the Doggy-Bag is as simple as putting on a glove. The gussetted bottom automatically spreads apart much like a clamshell. This expansion allows the user to adjust and size as needed without detracting from the functionality of the product. Even with the presence of artwork no reduction of function is perceived. The user surrounds the feces much like picking up a small ball from the ground, grasping the target through the protective barrier the Doggy-Bag provides. Picking up the target, the user reaches for the top of the bag and pulls it over the end of their hand effectively turning it inside out. This action causes the excrement to end up inside the bag which than can be tied or twisted closed and thrown away into any trash receptacle safely and sanitarily deposing of a potentially health hazard.
Packaging Information and Pricing Schedules

Retail Bulk Packaging
The Suggested Retail Price listed Below is the Retail Price charged mail order customers not including tax (Illinois 8.75%) or Shipping and Handling. ( for S&H rates see the bottom of this page). The quantities range in size from 25, 35, 55, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 packs. The retail packing is for the following quantities 25, 35, 55 the other four sizes are packed in boxes. The suggested retail selling price for the retail packages and the Promo kits are listed below.

  • Retail Kit Packaging available through the Internet
    	Pack Size			Price	
    	25 bags each			$2.95		
    	35 bags each			$3.95		
    	55 bags each			$4.95		
    	100 bags each			$8.95		
    	300 bags each			$24.95		
    	500 bags each			$44.95 box
    	1000 bags each			$85.95 box	
    	Quantity		Pk Size		Price     
    	3/1-50ea Kits	  	50 kits		$24.95
       	150 bags total
    	3/1-100ea Kits	  	100 kits	$44.95
    	300 bags total
  • Promotional Kit Packaging
    	Quantity	Pack 	Cost Each	Case Cost
    	3/1 (3b/kt)	250	$.475		$ 118.75


    Single Pack Orders ADD Multiple Pack Orders Add
    Pack Size 25,35,55$3.50$2.95 - $9.90$4.00
    Pack Size 100$4.50$9.90 - $20.95$6.00
    Pack Size 300$6.00$20.95 - $49.95$10.00
    Boxed Travel Kits$6.00$49.95 - $89.95$15.00
    Box Size 500 & 1000$10.00$89.95 - $125.95$20.00
    Box Size 1800$15.00$125.95 - $200.00$25.00

    Illinois residents add 8.75% sales tax.

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