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PRODUCT USE: To use the Doggy-Bag one puts it on as if it were a glove, the gussetted bottom automatically spreads apart much like a clamshell creating a pocket. This expansion allows the user to adjust and size as needed without detracting from the functionality of the product. Even with the presence of artwork no reduction of function is perceived. The user surrounds the feces much like picking up a small ball from the ground, grasping the target through the protective barrier the Doggy-Bag provides. Picking up the target, the user reaches for the top of the bag and pulls it over the end of their hand effectively turning it inside out. This action causes the excrement to end up inside the bag which than can be tied or twisted closed and thrown away into any trash receptacle safely deposing of a potential health hazard. These characteristics along with its simple operation offer a safe and effective alternative for dog owners at a very low cost.



Doggy-Bag Package of 100 @ $ 8.95 .0895 cents each.
Doggy-Bag Package of 300 @ $ 24.95 .0832 cents each.
Mutt Mitt 30 package $8.99 .30 cents each.
Mutt Mitt 100 package $20.99 .21 cents each.
Doggie toilet: $9.95 - plastic scooper from a pet shop.
Oops: $14.50 - plastic tongs from a pet shop.
Metal Pooper Scooper: $35.00 - 1 metre high metal rod with scoop,(must be cleaned periodically by hand, conspicuous).
Disposable cardboard scoopers: $3.95 for 10, still.395 cents each.
Bay City Council sells reusable Pooper Scoopers at cost price (pocket ones) - $3.50 each.
Pooper Scoopers pocket size $15.00 at a pet shop $3.00 each.
DispozaScoope 5@ $2.49, 20@ $9.99 .498 cents each.
Doggie Walk Bag 35 Bag Capsules $12.99 .37 cents each.
Doggie Walk Bag 100 Bag Capsules $29.99 .299 cents each.

Unlike the above mentioned products Doggy-Bags require no clean-up after use because they are disposable, they are easy to carry and concealed in ones pocket leaving ones hands free except at the time of use, then requiring only one hand to utilize the product properly. While requiring very little storage space in the home.

As a Promotional add on the Kit is easily attached to most packaging, easily inserted into packaging, easily inserted into ones pocket, an excellent promotional and advertising tool.The Doggy-Bag is constructed of a printable material, its art work could be comprised of two to four colors thus providing an excellent platform for advertising. A "Kit" consisting of (3) three printed Doggy-Bags package in a poly sleeve, measuring 3.0 x 6.0 (app. 5.75 finished) with the Doggy-Bag logo or Business logo printed on an insert. These "Kits" come in cases of 250 each, @ for $118.75 per case, certainly an inexpensive but extremely effective point of sale and promotional item. Pet food manufactures could utilize the DogeBag for advertisement of their products, coupon, or rebate offers are a few of the ways that these Kits could be utilized. The Kit could be put into dry dog food bags as a give away , product promotion, with or without coupons or special offers. Regardless of the application the promo package is an effective economical advertising tool with endless application.

These Kits are assembled by the Patients of the Chicago-Read Mental Health Hospital, Central Workshop. The Patients are paid for this activity during their recovery from life skill debilitating injury or illness. Help us support these people.

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